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As reported in the Wall St Journal and NPR Two-Way, J.C. Penny recently announced their return to catalog marketing after an absence of 5 years.

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The annual ACA (Australian Catalogue Association) industry report just hit our desks. It contains fresh insights garnered from research by Roy Morgan, PwC's Entertainment and Media Outlook, Nielsen, Australia Post and other sources.

If you're a marketer who is looking at how to create more web traffic; or how to create more consumer engagement; or how multi-channel marketing can increase your ROI, it's well worth an in-depth read.

But for now, here are some top-line highlights - these are metrics you may not be receiving from your traditional media planner.

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We think this is gold.

We were just about to go "Live" with an article based on "How We Shop, Live & Look" by John Lewis, one of UK's leading High Street retailers.  

Yes, the report was dated November 2013 but we still thought there were lots of good and current learnings for local retailers.

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So, you think print catalogues are dead, huh? Just don't say that to Richard Baker, whose Hudson's Bay company shelled out $USD2.4bn last year to acquire the 90 year-old Manhattan icon Saks 5th Avenue.
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We ran a Short News article in the last Toolbox which appeared logical on the face of it and backed up commonly held perceptions of the death of shopping centres - "Sears and JC Penney Deserting Already Struggling Malls". But that really did shopping centres and their operators a great dis-service.
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Macy's has been one of the great retail success stories of the last decade, but particularly since the GFC and the rise of online retail.

With 800 stores under the Macy's and Bloomingdale's brands, CEO Terry Lundgren has driven Macy's share price to 450% up on 2008, four times the S&P500 index. And, probably a linked metric, Macy's is now the 10th largest internet retailer by revenue after Netflix.
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