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Two recent retailer-focused articles, one from the UK and one from the US, give weight to the Australasian Catalogue Association's recent gung-ho supplement to its Catalogue Industry Report.

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This is NOT one of those articles full of predictions for the coming year. Frankly, with so much happening in the world of retail, marketing and catalogue design (our area), we find trying to stay on top of all the trends such articles suggest we should be on top of, all a bit daunting. If not downright intimidating.

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Can I name drop here?

Not long ago I had lunch with Direct Marketing Hall of Famer, Seth Godin. 

Admittedly there were about 1,499 others at the Business Chicks lunch (yes, they even let some lucky men in, too) but I felt like Seth was talking to me and we were getting along famously. I was a member of his "Tribe". Coincidentally (not!), Tribes were what Seth wanted to talk about that day.

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I first came across Gary Vaynerchuck on wine.tv around 3 years ago when he was just "The Wine Guy", not the greatest thing that happened to social/content marketing since the invention of the internet.

It was then that I got swept up with him and his enthusiasm at a different, which isn't to say less cerebral, level. And it's hard not to be swept up. He's just that kind of guy.
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Here's an idea you might be able to work with when you're thinking about creating customer engagement - for your next catalogue, online web content, ad promotion - whatever.
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A recent UK study shows why customers' service expectations are becoming so high - and it's being driven in part by device usage and behaviour.
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This month's roundup of Millennial Marketing articles includes general ways this cohort are changing marketing thinking, specific factors they are reacting to, their comfort with technology for their young children and their desire for overseas travel.
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If you think that "Green Marketing" was a fad that has long since been pushed into the background by the GFC and all those pragmatic Gen Xers, you may need to think again.
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Macy's success at migrating their businesses to the new paradigm has been the subject of many case studies, articles and presentations. 

Here, in a broader article on using social media generally, but Pinterest and StyleHaul in particular, VP Jennifer Kasper comments "As social channels become more visual and as we see authentic images working more effectively to communicate with our customers we're very excited that those are platforms we might be able to tap into differently."
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Trawling through the archives recently I came across a great article by Heidi Cohen in ClickZ (6.8.12) on what makes really hot content for social media – photography!
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