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With purchase-on-tablet growth out-muscling that on phone, retailers are missing out if they use a PC approach on tablet.
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From Mobile Commerce Daily
Fridge to phone - "Pick up the milk."
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From AdWeek
43% of shoppers who use two or more media (ie desktop and mobile) are the most satisfied. The more satisfied, the more likely to purchase other products (but only up to 57% more loyal). 
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From MediaPost News - Marketing Daily
The Lowes' "fix in six" tip is really on-brand!
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From Marketing Sherpa
Community mailboxes to be the delivery option of the future.
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From Multichannel Merchant
Facebook is Gen Xer's preferred social medium and is expected to stay that way.
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From eMarketer
Whole Foods Markets introduces classes on understanding food labels, combatting cravings and nutritional information.
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From The Detroit News
Dior built content over a month before promoting its Instagram presence on other social media. Find out why...
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From Luxury Daily
Expansion of the "holiday season", no "it" toy, the deal is the norm PLUS 7 others.
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From Time
Hermes combines narrative video with catalog to close the loop.
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From Luxury Daily
Some are a little obvious but a good reminder to start the New Year!
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From The Wise Marketer
Good practical advice on boosting response at all points in the online purchase funnel. The best? - tell customers what you want them to do. Simple, really...
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From MediaPosBlogs - Marketing Daily
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