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As tablet ownership increases, the preference for using it to purchase outstrips phones.
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From ABA Banking Journal
Better branding, social media and loyalty schemes credited with increase in online loyalty
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From Internet Retailer
54% of males say they shop for groceries and household goods more often than their spouses.
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From Media Post News Marketing Daily
Ex-Amazon retailer combines the best of technology with the best of bricks & mortar to take on the online apparel merchants at Seattle store Hointer. (Is it just me or do others think the name is something that could use a makeover?)
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From "Stores" Magazine
If all you've got is 6 seconds...
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From Luxury Daily
Reinforcing last week's article on Millennial Marketing - Facebook is by far and away the chosen platform for interacting with brands
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From eMarketer
Given the premium old time direct marketers used to put into their price to cover returns, it's no wonder the retailers are concentrating on higher-priced goods to time-poor customers who are prepared to pay more for the convenience.
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From Associated Press
1,400 store-in-store kiosks with US Best Buy just the beginning (subscription required).
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From Wall Street Journal
New startups offering everything from replacement slip-covers to cabinet tops.
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From Businessweek
A time-saving way for consumers to personalise content.
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From MediaPost - Mobile Marketing Daily
18% of UK shoppers, 25-45 years old "outperform", responsible for 70% of purchases.
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From The Telegraph (UK)
Full augmented reality may be some years off but providing information in the line of sight will make glasses the champions.
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From Wall Street Journal
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