Quick Bites
If you like engaging, tongue-in-cheek TVCs you'll love this. Hats off to DDB Belgium for a great brand-builder, awareness-raiser and cross channel support.
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From AdWeek
Datas sharing opportunities facing malls and retailers
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From Advertising Age
Gen Y's sophistication and skepticism drives reality in model photography.
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From MediaPost Blogs - Marketing Daily
New digital retail giant emerges.
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From Bloomberg Businessweek
Somewhat obvious but good validation.
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From Marketing Sherpa
Single mothers becoming the norm, particularly for Millennials
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From MediaPost Blogs - Engage: Moms
Millennials don't hate brands, they hate advertising. Seemingly, they trust native content.
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From Adweek
73% of US consumers prefer making transactions instore either to beat delivery fees, to have the item immediately or to try the product on. Only 1% are using their phones to purchase.
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From MediaPost Marketing Daily
Barneys New York's shoppable digital magazine is to have a print sibling.
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From Pret -a- Reporter
Online sales up 40% but majority of sales occur in store.
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From The Telegraph (UK)
Lane Bryant exchanges "Plus Size" for "Her Size" to minimise negative connotations.
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From Biz Women
High Earning Not Rich Yet (HENRYs) less likely to shop the brand, more the category.
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From Washington Post
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