Australian Fashion Label Uses Content To Reinforce Luxe Positioning
posted by Stuart Cumming ~ 14/07/14
Category: Marketing
In the world of fashion, the Helen Kaminski brand has become a "known" international name which stood for high quality, designer raffia hats and bags. Yet, the more successful they've become in terms of sales, the greater the need to control what they want the brand to stand for.

It was time to take a good look at their brand positioning and how this could and should be projected to the luxury end of the market. 

They'd discovered examples of how brands, in other product categories, produced high quality, lifestyle magazines. The editorial content featured the products and how they fitted or complemented the style of the target audience. 

And in the design world they found several content-rich  publications that were as much about news, trends and trendsetters. One they came across was "The Paper", a publication of our own which looked at issues in content marketing specifically and marketing generally. 

Helen Kaminski already produced its own bi-annual collection catalogue (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter). It was decided that this would become more than just a product ordering, trade-oriented piece. It would be transformed into a brand-building publication; a magazine that would still be used by stockists, but would now have a greatly increased consumer focus.

Helen Kaminski's Global Marketing Manager Carys Elliott and Design Director Ailsa Roe approached Cumming Agency & Studios with a brief for our thoughts and suggestions on creating their new branding magazine.

begin the process of turning stockists into brand ambassadors

The magazine "Artisan" was born. A 64 page, luxury feel, satin coated, sustainably sourced paper, bi-annual journal that truly reflects the image of the brand.

To stockists it is designed to convey the latest HK products for the forthcoming seasons and also give them the information they need to understand the product quality and benefits story. It is designed to begin the process of turning stockists into brand ambassadors.

To consumers, it will confirm their appreciation for quality fashion and style. It tells the hand-made, environmentally sustainable stories of the brand woven together (pun intended) with lifestyle articles featuring various products in the range and even short notes on some of the resorts where they might be bought and worn.

Content Marketing is certainly the current vogue online - Helen Kaminski's "Artisan" magazine is an example of how it can also play an important role in the offline world as well.
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