Bricks & Mortar Store-Stopping Strategies - Urban Outfitters Herald Square Flagship
posted by Stuart Cumming ~ 16/06/14
Category: Business
Luring to store, keeping them there, upselling and cross-selling. That's been the goal of every retailer since Adam asked Eve "would you like fries with that?"

So when Urban Outfitters opened their new midtown Manhattan Herald Square store it was a chance to make a real statement.

And it seems like that's exactly what they are doing.

(Well, with Macy's exciting revamped offering close by it needed to be something special to cut the mustard.)

As fate would have it, a strong-willed landlord wouldn't give in to Urban Outfitters when it only wanted 25% of the space it finally took. The result is a 5,200msq extravaganza offering not only its traditionally unusual and diverse clothing and novelty products but also including a hair salon, record bar, optical supplies, bookshop and coffee shop.

As Krystina Gustafson of CNBC reported in "Urban Outfitters Goes Big With New NYC Store" this is the brand's largest location.

They've teamed with LA-based Amoeba records (more than 800 album titles) and Tortoise and Blonde, an eyewear company which can "read" the customers' script from their existing glasses.

And, of course, to keep the customers there longer, the bookshop has seating for those wanting a more leisurely browse.

According to Gustafson, Tommy Bahama's parent company, Oxford Industries found those stores with restaurants generated 2.5 times more sales than those without. Sounds like a compelling argument, if you can fit it into your business plan - and make it work on the ground.

Having been a fan of Urban Outfitters and its affiliates (particularly Anthropologie) for a number of years and seen how well they performed financially during the GFC it was particularly interesting to see them continue their trend of suiting the store to the neighbourhood (you could be forgiven for not realising UO's store in Wicker Park, Chicago wasn't a Mom & Pop store, it fits in so well).

The Herald Square store is just the latest in this line of thinking, coming after the recent opening of its Brooklyn store with the quirky addition of a third party rooftop bar.

I can't wait to check out both!

To read the full Gustafson article click here
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