Want Your Content Shared More? Here Is How The Experts Do It.
posted by Stuart Cumming ~ 08/04/14
Category: Marketing
Want to know what the more innovative brands are doing to get their content marketing shared? Of course you do. For those of us who were not able to attend the recent the Brand Innovators Social Media Summit in New York, this Content Marketing Insider blog post summarises it for you.

Got room for yet another Three Letter Acronym (TLA) in your marketing lexicon? Add LEE to the list. It stands for - Listen. Engage. Experiment.

Executive summary

Listen. What are your customers/target audience saying about you or your competition? What feedback are you getting from your social media? "They're already using your social communities to talk about your brand, so look for trends in their conversations and find ways to make interacting with each other easier, more productive or more fun", says Marketing Insider.

Engage. Maybe your product is a lot more engaging (read interesting) than you might think. Who'd have thought a conservative (some might say boring) brand like Clorox bleach could start appealing to a younger audience with a very edgy, multi-media, strategically well thought through, campaign? In this instance, what happened in Vegas, didn't stay in Vegas! 

Experiment. Do your customers prefer Instagram or Vine over Twitter? Perhaps you should consider less thought leadership posts in favour of how-to articles. Or maybe even experiment with how-to content in other forms, like videos or infographics. Social media content marketing allows marketers to cost efficiently experiment like never before.

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