It's Always Been About Content... And It Always Will Be
posted by Stuart Cumming ~ 13/01/14
Category: Marketing
I'm sitting in my backyard admiring the frangipani flowers that are in full bloom at this time of year. It's extraordinary how even Mother Nature lets plants "market" with flowers in a range of colours designed to attract different pollinators.This started me thinking...

The last few years have been abuzz about this bright new shiny toy called Content. This year, in stark contrast, has seemingly started with some calling the end of the road for content and looking for the next bauble.

Talk about a short attention span! But really, what's all the fuss about? Content has been around since, well, since stories were first told to sell something.

The traders in the bazaars of the Middle East didn't have their own website let alone the sophistication of social media in numerous shapes and guises. Yet those that traded there sold just as surely as Amazon trades online today.

They sold by word of mouth - theirs. If we fast forward a thousand years or so to the famous John Caples' 1925 ad for the US School of Music we find The Story to be central to "push marketing". His headline "They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano" gave entree to a story of music genius by correspondence. It may not have withstood the rigours of the consumer protection laws we have today but it was a cracker of a story in its day!

Without a story we only have product and price. And if the only way you differentiate yourself is through price then you'd better be the most efficient operator in your market - because Economics 1.01 says there's only room for one price leader in any market.

What I am seeing, though, is what I'll call an "Outbreak of Amplification". That is, new strategies and technologies to get content to the largest number of people who will use it.

Perhaps it could be even called an "Outbreak of Pollination", if you'll indulge me a little.

Whatever the headline, not only is content very much relevant to what you are doing today and tomorrow, it's going to become even more strategic.

What's your story?

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