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I recently came across a new concept (for me) which seems to makes a lot of sense - it's called Return on Engagement.

I've spent a lot of my time in the last 12 months looking at analytics for our Caszine Digital Publishing Software (it's been used successfully to migrate traditional media like printed catalogues and brochures to the online space).

Initially, it was just a matter of how many came and what they clicked on. It quickly became clear that there were a range of other behaviours and associated metrics we could measure, analyse and react to.

While we have a facility for customers to share the publication on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, engagement is much more than just that. We've decided upon 4 metrics to measure just how engaged customers are.

Dwell Time

Time spent per unique visitor ("dwell time") is a really good analytic, especially if this is also seen in terms of the number of pages in the publication - this can tell if someone is just flicking through or whether they are finding something they want to explore.

Number of pages viewed 

Number of pages viewed is useful but percentage of pages viewed helps to put this in context. If there are navigation features that give customers options that not all want to explore a more useful metric can be percentage of section title pages viewed. When these are up in to 70-90% area we know we have something customers find "sticky".

External Links Clicked

Content marketing is all about getting the customer to do something that is positive. This might not always mean a sale is made and that isn't a cop-out on our behalf.

If the retailer has a bricks and mortar store we should be driving traffic there as well. It's also important that we leave the customer looking forward to receiving your messages in the future.

Having said that, links clicked as a percentage of unique visitors is another action we measure closely (results are typically anywhere from 20-60%). But we also look at total segment clicks-through to determine which areas of the business are trending.


We provide a simple "re-engagement" metric by looking at the number of visits an average unique visitor makes. We express this as a percentage of likelihood that a unique visitor will re-engage and we've seen figures range from 20% to as high as 90%. It's a great way to determine whether your customer has thought your content engaging enough to return.

These are just the analytics we've developed to date and every week we see more potential stories these analytics tell us. 

The important thing is to do something with those learnings to improve your Return on Engagement.

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