The Importance of the New Green Shopper
posted by Stuart Cumming ~ 09/12/13
Category: Marketing
If you think that "Green Marketing" was a fad that has long since been pushed into the background by the GFC and all those pragmatic Gen Xers, you may need to think again. 

A new study by Forrester has found that the environmental message resonates particularly strongly with online shoppers.

That "Forrester: Retailers Need To Think Green" was published in MediaPost Daily was in itself interestingly "mainstreaming" given MediaPost also has a "Marketing Green" newsletter.

The study found that 50% of online shoppers identify as being green: 13% are so called "super green" the most environmentally conscious group with 38% of online shoppers classed as "green".

Generally speaking "Green consumers are affluent, spend more online, and make more purchases online annually. Moreover, green consumers are willing to spend more for products that align with their interests and often advocate green products and brands to family and friends."

Further "Thirty-eight percent of green consumers agree that they'd be willing to spend more for products that are consistent with an image they like; this skyrockets to 63% of super-greens. Many consumers across the green segments would be willing to pay more for green products and spend more with companies that support green initiatives that align with their environmental concerns."

That there are a significant number of pro-green consumers should come as no shock really given that so many of environmentalists are Baby Boomers and their kids, The Millennials, have adopted so many of those values.

So maybe it's time to look for those good news "back-stories" which appeal to this shopper and will help assure them you are someone they should want to buy from.

To read the MediaPost Daily story in full click here

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