#1 Customer Engagement Metric
posted by Stuart Cumming ~ 03/12/13
Category: Marketing
"Top 5 of This", "Top 7 of That", "Top 10 for 2014"...

List upon list upon list.

Give. Me. A. Break!

It's become quite an epidemic. There's a list for everything and while this started out as a well meaning way to ensure we all got snappy takeouts we could apply quickly... it's not happening.

We are drowning in lists and the content is coming from so many directions it's tempting just to ignore them all.

But there is good usable content out there. You just need to find reliable sources.

So today I'll give you my new #1 Engagement Metric, something that I came across (in the many lists I've been reading lately) and I've started applying; it seems to work, at least thus far - 

Engagement = Shareworthy

Simply put, if you are going to risk your reputation by saying something is useful and valuable you'd better make sure it is.


And I trust you found this so!
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