Engaging Content: Video Predictions

There's been much hype and little substance locally to the "video as content discussion". Not that there's no video out there but it isn't as prevalent as the US and Europe in the consumer marketing space.

Nonetheless, we are seeing an up-tick in more product information-based videos than before as catalogers, in particular, come to this medium as an alternative and adjunct to print.

It's with this background that we read Russ Somers article "Five Video Marketing Predictions for the 2013 Holiday Season" where he sees:

1. Video will be an expected part of the shopping experience - nearly 75% of shoppers will use video regularly.

2. Consumers will share more video from retailer and brandsites on Facebook - Facebook is becoming more video-centric.

3. Retailers and brands will have varying success with Instagram and Vine - those that succeed will use them as outposts in a broader video strategy.

4. Consumers will expect videos across devices and channels - if you don't give it to them they'll go to more progressive marketers.

5. Leading-edge retailers will deploy video that becomes interactive - this "opens the door to mashing multiple content types up tocreate entirely new ways for consumers to experience shopping". 

To read the full article click here

From our perspective the best we've seen includes Only Because We Can  with its clean functionality and great branded content. It takes a while to buffer buy it's really worth it!

What are some of your favourites?

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