Mobile Shopper Update
While much has been (and continues to be) written about the all consuming "mobile shopper", three recent articles put that in context and call "platform domination" into question.

The first of these "Mobile Shoppers Favour Retail Sites Over Apps" by Mark Walsh looks to an NPD study which made a topline finding that 75% of Smartphone owners are using their phones as part of the overall shopping experience.

However, three months after downloading an app fully three-quarters of users don't even use it once a month.

Eddie Hold, VP of NPD's Connected Intelligence service, noted that retail apps are not part of consumers' day-to-day shopping habits.

"Right now, engagement is low meaning the app is clearly an experiment that is quickly dropped by most consumers."
A comment on this article, from a ComScore spokesperson, stated that 80% of visits to online retailers were through an app but that the majority of this was to internet pureplays Amazon & eBay. Only 25% of multi-channel retailer traffic was via apps due, perhaps, to their apps being unappealing.

Whatever the reason, clearly the users are speaking.

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In "Apps Downloads Drop 13% as Use Matures" Kari Jensen covers a Deloitte study which found that downloads and per-app spending decreased 13% on Smartphones and by an even greater amount on tablets.

While the study concluded this was only to be expected in a maturing market I'm surprised that it has matured so quickly.

With the study finding tablet ownership growth of 48% and smartphone growth still strong, particularly in the over-55's as legacy phones are replaced, it would have been expected that app growth would have had some way to go yet.

To read the full story click here

The third story is closer to home and looks at the recent ClickFrenzy campaign.

The headline "Smartphone Revolution? ClickFrenzy Shows Miniscule Conversion" by Rosie Baker in AdNews is a somewhat harsh judgement on the medium, given the large increase in traffic. However, there are clear signs that consumers prefer to conclude their sale on the larger screen version of mobile.

Overall sales traffic jumped 16% over 2012 with mobile (tablet & smartphone) increasing by 33%.

Mobile sales increased a staggering 42% to 17.7% of total sales. However, tablets were far preferred over phones, to actually make the purchase, to a tune of almost 4:1.

As a sidenote, social media was a very minor part of this event contributing only 0.89% of referrals with the majority being Facebook.

To read the full article click here

I've made prior comment about the pitfalls of lumping smartphones and tablets in the one category. But as the industry seems to feel that they can't be separated we'll continue to highlight the differences because consumers certainly use them quite differently.
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