Migrating Engaging Catalog Content Online: Study - Howards Storage World

The Problem We had To Solve

For the past 10 years we had produced iconic annual catalogues for Howards Storage World, each year becoming more sophisticated and solution-centric for the Howards customer.

In late 2011, Howards approached us to take their catalogue online.

After looking at the options presented by page turn pdfs “flip-books”, mobile apps and other online solutions such as Zmags, we concluded that there was nothing that gave a catalogue marketer an ideal outcome.

Either the result was difficult to navigate or lacking in imagination. In short, none of the results were engaging to the degree we saw necessary for our clients.

Our Solution

To overcome the issues we saw we developed proprietary software, Caszine Digital Publishing Software, to allow catalogue marketers to migrate their engaging content online to drive customers to buy, via web and offline.


Client Testimonial – Howards Storage World

“Caszine is much more dynamic than the regular flipping catalogues, with excellent analytics to help us track the behaviours of our customer interactions.

“We have learnt a lot from this first Caszine which is shaping the design of our next edition.

“It strikes me that whilst it is easier to publish straight PDFs of the catalogue page, it makes more sense to publish in the caszine format which is custom designed for digital viewing, including interactive content and engaging reveals.

“I would especially recommend Caszine to specialty retailers that publish higher quality catalogues, particularly if you are enriching the customer experience with additional content such as videos, tips and advice.”

Cathy Player, Global Publications Manager, Howards Storage World


Traffic driver to web and bricks and mortar stores.

URL: http://welcome.hsw.caszine.com

Title: Online Catalogue 2013

Release Date: 15 September 2012

End Date: 16 September, 2013



Suite of 10 separate chapter caszines comprising 80 canvases and 40 sliding layers.

Jump links between chapters.


Means of Promotion

Launch: edm to “Inspirations Club” members (loyalty scheme); 1 week national breakfast radio.

On-going: Link on home page of main website; in boilerplate of fortnightly Inspirations edm.



Engagement metrics

Pages per Unique Visitor: 18.75

Time spent per Unique Visitor (minutes): 2:35

Links Clicked per Unique Visitor: 54%

Re-engagement (total/uniques): 50.1%


Navigation Metrics

Horizontal flow: 90%+ average

Vertical flow: Average for first Child canvas (second level) in range 20-30%, peak of 38%

Subsequent Vertical average 75-85%, peak of 96%


Feature Usage

Pop-ups, sliding layers: Extensive use of sliding panels and pop-ups. Both proved successful, featuring in Top 5 drivers to web across all chapters.




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