Boomers and Gen Y
In a marketing environment where differences are nuanced by degrees to enable better targetting, sometimes similarities can be unexpected and fruitful.

A just-published article refers to Boomers and their Gen Y/Millenial children sharing a "passion almost equally for greener living and sustainability" (Jim Gilmartin in Engage Boomers: 3 Arrows to Have In Your Marketing Quiver)

This link between Boomers and Gen Y is also evidenced by their appreciation of fine wines (though in true democratic style, Gen Y also loves a good cocktail!) and their generally optimistic outlooks.

A third example is that of mothers and their millenial daughters shopping together, often for the same item of clothing.

The thinking is that Boomers "befriended" their kids, treating them more like equals than other generations of parents, particularly their own. This in turn gave rise to Gen Y adopting aspects of the Boomer value set.

Because of the similarities, I've even seen the term "Echo Boomer" used to describe Gen Y, though I recall this term was first used used to describe those born in the cross-over to Gen X (1960>).

Whatever the label it'll be interesting to see how many of the other Boomer traits Gen Y has adopted as their own. Perhaps they will take the environmental debate to the level which Boomers might have had they not become comfortable and focused on their retirement, surfboard and beachside shack?

The bigger issue, however, may be whether the planet is big enough for two generations with the same philosophy of “I can do anything I turn my mind to”...

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