Bloomingdale's Targets Young Customers With... A Print Catalog
With so much attention on digital media these days it almost seems a little retro to be writing about print catalogs but Bloomingdale’s have released a strategic piece aimed directly at young affluent customers.

Using engaging tactics such a split pages, pullout postcards and fabulous photography this is no “ordinary” catalog.

Despite some external criticism based on generalities it would seem to defy logic for a marketer such as Bloomingdale’s to adopt such a strategy without due research and testing.

How it will be received by the target group is yet to be seen but, at a time when email inboxes are bulging it wouldn’t be surprising if the novelty of a personally- addressed icon piece of direct mail such as this provides the cut-through that Bloomingdale’s is after.

For sample spreads and more on this topic go to our source, Luxury Daily; there’s even an informative video: View Here
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