Photography - Hot Content for Social Media Marketing
Trawling through the archives recently I came across a great article by Heidi Cohen in ClickZ (6.8.12) on what makes really hot content for social media – photography!

Seems that women, in particular, respond better to pictures while men respond better to video. From the research conducted by ROI and Performics key findings were:

1. Use hero product shots. In an era where two products can look very similar, use great photography to make yours stand apart from your competitor’s solo display shot.

2. Founders’ stories and pictures give depth to the organisation.

3. Use employee images and stories. This will help to create your brand personality.

4. Products in use teach customers how to use the products. This helps them get the best out of their purchase.

5. Give news about more than just your products. If customers are interested in your products they are probably interested in the industry and celebrities associated with it. 

6. The Business Tour lets customers peek behind the curtain. Exclusivity fosters engagement.

7. Other customers and fans are attractive, too. Encourage your customers to have their 15 seconds of fame, including guest content curators. Of course, you need to match the content to the context. Where gorgeous product shots may be appropriate, something grittier will be more believable if it's supposed to be coming from your employees.
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