Creative Content for Engagement
There’s plenty of talk these days about content. What the focus should be on, though, is what we call “Creative Content”. Creative Content we define as being content that brings the reader/viewer/audience closer to being a customer. It must be relevant, engaging and persuasive.

You can achieve stronger engagement through entertainment and or information. Examples include a short video with a celebrity such as Kate Bracks from Masterchef, a still shot of fabric to show detail or even a simple quirky animated .gif file to add “colour & movement”.

Creative Content will make your website, visual merchandising, billboard or catalogue stickier, keeping your audience engaged and more receptive to your message longer. The result: your audience is more likely to proceed to purchase your product or service and to make a better, more informed purchasing decision.

And, as everyone knows, a better purchasing decision means a happier customer who returns to buy from you again and again!
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